David  Byrd

Classic Theatre and Rock & Roll Drawings from the 60s and 70s

David Byrd created some of the most memorable Classic Theatre and Rock and Roll images from the 1960s and 70s.  This is the first time that these rare original one of a kind drawings have been available for sale since they were first created over 30 years ago. These drawings are the actual drawings that were presented for approval of the final artwork.  David  created ALL of the Art for Bill Grahamís Fillmore East, including their Program covers and Rock posters, the art for Jimi Hendrixís  first Fillmore East appearance, The Rolling Stones 1969 World Tour art, The Whoís Performance of Tommy at the New York Metropolitan Opera House and The Fillmore, and The Grateful Dead Swell Dance Concert to name only a few.  He also created the poster art for the original location of the 1969 Woodstock music festival .  His memorable images were also used for classic Broadway shows like Godspell, Follies and Jesus Christ Superstar to mention only a few.  These museum quality drawings are rarely made available for sale, they are not only wonderful rare works of art, but are truly historically important works in the field of Theatre and Rock and Roll collecting.   All drawings have been framed with archival double matting.  Again, this is the first time that you can actually purchase one of the original sketches that were created for these historical images.

We will indicate as soon as possible that a drawing is sold on this website.   They are selling at a fast pace and we suggest that you purchase your favorite as soon as possible, as to avoid disappointment because of a previous sale.  These are unique one of a kind drawings and once a particular drawing sells, there are no others that are available.

All of these extremely rare drawings are signed and dated and are the original presentation drawings that were  created by David Byrd for the approval of the final poster or program cover artwork.  David's poster art is in many museum collections, including : The Louvre, in Paris, Victoria & Albert in London, The Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Smithsonian in Washington, DC. 

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 Hendrix1_Email.jpg (224293 bytes) hendrix framed_suntan mat.jpg (58882 bytes)         Hendrix2_email.jpg (237165 bytes)

                                       SOLD                                                                                     SOLD                

   Hendrix_1969 drawing.jpg (537653 bytes) Hendrix 1969 framed.jpg (156352 bytes)   Hendrix_1969 poster web.jpg (198408 bytes)     

   SOLD Original 1969 drawing for Hendrix Press Kit and Tour   ...You have probably heard that Jimi was so impressed with the art David created for his first appearance at the Fillmore East.  That he asked David to create the art for his press kit, which Jimi later used for his Spring 1969 concert tour.  This is the actual drawing that was given to Jimi to approve that artwork..  Poster shown not for sale and is just to reference the poster this drawing was created for.


Hendrix Moon Maidens spring concert 1969 detail web.jpg (453284 bytes)   Hendrix Moon Maidens spring concert 1969 web.jpg (513573 bytes)   Hendrix Moon Maidens spring concert 1969  close up web.jpg (1281573 bytes)

Original 1969 drawing of the nude figures that appear on the Spring 1969 Hendrix concert poster (featured above)  David Byrd referred to these women as "Moon Maidens" Pencil on  iridescent  tracing paper.  Matted with it's original "Electric Purple" matt. drawing measures 7 x 8"  matt measures 13 x 14".


Hendrix color original email.jpg (445569 bytes)     Hendrix color original detail1.jpg (294863 bytes)      Hendrix color framed.jpg (72304 bytes)    Hendrix color back detail_E-mail.jpg (416656 bytes)

Original Painting on acetate of Jimi painted in 2006 by David Byrd.  This original painting was based on David's 1968 drawing of the very first version for Jimi's first Fillmore East appearance. (See drawing on top of page)  When Bill Graham decided to use the now famous orange version with all three members of the Experience, this poster was never created.. UNTIL NOW.  We asked David  if he could create an original painting  based on that first drawing.  This was painted the same exact way that David painted the other Hendrix  poster art.  It is painted on the back side of a black line film positive acetate.   You can see on the image at  right the painstaking time it must have taken to create all of the layers of paint needed to create this rare work of art.   Please call us with any questions that you have regarding this truly unique one of a kind painting by Rock and Roll  Illustrator David Byrd.


Hendrix original color pencil sketch 2006 web.jpg (800768 bytes)    Hendrix original color pencil sketch 2006 detail web.jpg (705715 bytes)

Original Color pencil Sketch created in 2006 by David Byrd prior to working on the finished painting featured above that was based on Davids 1968 drawing for Jimi's very first Fillmore East concert.  A great original color drawing to add to your collection. 8.5 x 11"

 * See bottom of Page for signed and numbered limited edition archival prints including Jimi Hendrix    


Fillmore East  

Fillmore1969.jpg (320921 bytes)  Fillmore_1969_mat_framed.jpg (141621 bytes)             Fillmore 1970 web.jpg (485750 bytes) Fillmoe 1970_framed.jpg (58521 bytes) 

 Program cover 1969,  original drawing, framed 22x18" SOLD                  Program cover 1970, original drawing, framed 22x18"  SOLD                                                


Fillmore East 1971 web.jpg (363794 bytes)   Fillmore thin black_1971_framed.jpg (115034 bytes) 

  Program cover 1971, original drawing, framed 22x17"                                                  

* See bottom of Page for signed and numbered limited edition archival print     


Jefferson Airplane   (Fillmore East)

 AirplaneOriginal web .jpg (1092987 bytes)   Fillmore East Airplane original painting detail 1.jpg (1240011 bytes)   Fillmore East Airplane original painting detail 2 web.jpg (1160931 bytes)   

NFS  1968 Original color water color painting  that was used for the 2nd Fillmore East poster ever created.    This is the actual art that was use to produce the poster and is an extremely rare item.   David placed Letraset type on his watercolor painting to include the necessary information.  The ticket prices were added later in the space on the bottom when the poster was printed.  Very few original final color art paintings of this nature become available for sale today, we are very privileged to have this rare work in our private collection.  Watercolor on board, board measures 26.5 x 15.25".  

Traffic  (Fillmore East)

Fillmore East Traffic poster figures 1968 web.jpg (605957 bytes)    Traffic-RT.jpg (117537 bytes)

The original pencil and paint drawing used to show the figures in the very first Fillmore East poster from 1968.  Irregular shaped tracing paper measures 11x9"  Matt opening 14 x 11"  Paper shows age and has a slight tear (Hey, it's42 years old).  Poster shown not for sale and is just to reference the poster this drawing was created for.

The Who

David recalled that Bill Graham called him to say that he had booked The Who to perform their rock opera, TOMMY, at the Metropolitan Opera, where no Pop act had ever performed.  David had only three days to create a poster for their historic performance.  For the centerpiece art, he created a Busby Berkley Pinball look surrounded by his famous Deco borders. (He even refers to that in a note he wrote on the centerpiece drawing) 

Who_Tommy_figure.jpg (62118 bytes) Who Tommy figure head detail.jpg (390610 bytes) Tommy figure_framedArt.jpg (104813 bytes)          Who_full center image_Tommy.jpg (139982 bytes) Tommy Center piece framed.jpg (69652 bytes)          

Tommy Figure, original drawing, framed  21x16"                                                              SOLD  Tommy poster center piece,  original drawing, framed  17x17"    



 WHO_Tommy_Met_opera.jpg (111964 bytes) Tommy at the Met_framedArt.jpg (60290 bytes)          who Tommy concept drawing web.jpg (435315 bytes)  who Tommy concept drawing detail web.jpg (672815 bytes)  Tommy Concept_ Framed.jpg (56865 bytes)    

 SOLD Tommy full poster sketch, original drawing, framed  22x18"                                              Tommy rare concept sketch,  original drawing, framed  22x19"



 WHO_Tommy_Fillmore_East.jpg (134849 bytes) Tommy_FillmoreframedArt.jpg (62574 bytes)           who_Pinball lady figure web.jpg (408232 bytes)  who_Pinball lady detail web.jpg (609904 bytes)  Pinball Lady_framedArt.jpg (51460 bytes)  

 Tommy Fillmore East, original drawing, framed  20x19                                                                       Tommy  Pinball Lady, original drawing,  framed  20x16  



Who_Acid_Queen_Merry_Clayton.jpg (121058 bytes)  Acid Queen_framedArt.jpg (64907 bytes) 

SOLD Tommy  Acid Queen  1970  Grammy award for art   framed 22x19"


The Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead_Swell_dance_Full.jpg (125097 bytes)  Grateful Dead Framed Full Drawing.jpg (135789 bytes)    



 Dead-Swell Dance_Figures.jpg (243978 bytes)  GratefulDead_figures_framed.jpg (159563 bytes)

SOLD   Swell Dance figures,  original drawing, framed  22x24


Grateful_Dead_triple_sketch.jpg (227812 bytes)  Grateful Dead triple drawing framed.jpg (125094 bytes) 



Rolling Stones

Stones69_Tour_sketch_1.jpg (210549 bytes)   Stones version1framedArt.jpg (62156 bytes)    

1969 World Tour original concept drawing,  This was the very first version that was presented in 1969 for the now famous poster for the Stones 69 World Tour.   framed  24x20


Rolling Stones 1969 world tour full drawing web.jpg (443209 bytes)     Rolling Stones 1969 world tour full drawing detail email.jpg (166823 bytes)     rollingstones-color E-mail copy.jpg (533248 bytes)     Stones framed figure and poster email.jpg (158208 bytes)  

SOLD The above image is the original drawing for the 1969 Rolling Stones world tour. The poster is a classic image in Rock and Roll history.  The Stones just recently re-released a print of it in their new 40th anniversary boxed set of "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out".   This original 1969 drawing is complete and shows the "Naked woman" figure with the background composition of the poster. This full composition of the figure and the background was thought to have been lost.  David went through his archives and to his surprise found this incredible drawing that shows the figure and the background treatment.  To have and original 1969 drawing like this that shows a full version of one of the most classic Rock and Roll concert tours of the Stones is a collectors dream come true.


 Stones_69-world-tour-girl final sketch.jpg (228456 bytes)    Auction_rollingstones-color.jpg (176432 bytes)    Rolling stones framed with poster.jpg (58240 bytes)

 1969 Stones World Tour "Naked Lady",  original drawing with original poster, framed 30x40"  



Kiss_Ace_Full.jpg (478059 bytes)  Kiss Ace framed.jpg (197744 bytes)          KISS Paul email.jpg (282831 bytes)   KISS Paul detail 1.jpg (279999 bytes)      

 SOLD Ace Frehley puzzle 1978, original drawing, framed 24x22"                      SOLD   Paul 1978 Solo Poster               Detail         

 KISS Peter Email copy.jpg (317042 bytes)  KISS Peter detail 1.jpg (284313 bytes)         KISS Gene email copy.jpg (327329 bytes)    KISS Gene detail 2.jpg (329761 bytes)

  SOLD Peter 1978                                         Detail                                            SOLD  Gene 1978                                     Detail



Woodstock_.jpg (99150 bytes)   Woodstock_framedArt.jpg (57873 bytes)

SOLD 1969 original Woodstock location, drawing, framed 18x14"  

  A note about the WOODSTOCK Drawing:    In the spring of 1969, Woodstock Ventures asked David to create a poster for a large outdoor concert they were planning in WallKill, New York to be called Woodstock.  After the poster was printed, the town of Wallkill had the permit for the concert revoked and it was moved to the town of White Lake on Max Yasgurs farm.  Making any printed material on the Wallkill location very rare.  The original poster by David became a very hard to fine collectors item.  This original drawing for the approval of that rare poster is an incredible find.

* See bottom of Page for signed and numbered limited edition archival print          


 Beacon Theatre 1974 Concert logo

Beacon Theatre_72dpi.jpg (342383 bytes)  Beacon framed_72Dpi.jpg (124367 bytes)  

SOLD   Original presentation drawing for Concert series at The Beacon Theatre in  New York                                                                                                                             



Godpsel-Drawing.jpg (328237 bytes)  Godspell Framed2.jpg (161924 bytes)                



Godspell   Drawing 2

Godpsel-Pencil web.jpg (443986 bytes)   Godspell detail 1 web.jpg (630504 bytes)   

SOLD       image 14 x 13.25"    slight tear in drawing by nose see detail image


Jesus Christ Superstar

superstar_full.jpg (393746 bytes)  superstar-color.jpg (296792 bytes)  Superstar framed.jpg (153000 bytes)

Original concept drawing with detail notations, framed with original poster 38x24


The Magic Show

MagicShow-Pencil web.jpg (496421 bytes)  The Magic Show detail 2 web.jpg (814776 bytes)  The Magic Show detail 1 web.jpg (803233 bytes)

SOLD Wonderful 1974 drawing for "The Magic Show" with Doug Henning.  Pencil on tracing paper measures a large 23 x 16"  See detail images for close up of intricate pencil work.



Drawing 1 is an Elegant full figure version of the famous Follies image.  In this 1970 drawing #1 the figure holds a cracked mirror which forms the "O" in Follies, and shows the look of the final version with the crack running through the face. A wonderful drawing

 Drawing 2  is another beautiful 1970 full figure version of the famous Follies image. The Art Deco detail in this elegant drawing  is rendered beautifully.

Drawing 1             SOLD                                                                                        Drawing 2             SOLD

Follies figure 1 web.jpg (504889 bytes)    Follies_1_framed_web.jpg (108801 bytes)                                                     Follies figure 2 web.jpg (512268 bytes)  Follies_2framedArt.jpg (46846 bytes)  

Concept drawing 1, framed 28x22"                                                                                                                               Concept drawing 2, framed 28x22"

 Follies figure 1 detail web.jpg (830864 bytes)                                                                                                                             Follies figure 2 detail web.jpg (911037 bytes)

Detail                                                                                                                                 Detail


First version Head sketch

Follies head first rough72dpi.jpg (232442 bytes)   Follies head_framedArt.jpg (116797 bytes)

SOLD Head concept with notations, original drawing, framed 16x14"   1970 Very first version of  the famous Final Follies Head concept. With many notations written by David Byrd, including one that refers to the image being based on Marlene (Dietrich) in Shanghai Express, which has been suggested by some art historians, but it is here that David has actually confirmed that fact.  A wonderful historically important small sketch.


Radio City Music Hall

  Radio City Deco Expo Drawing.jpg (101060 bytes) Radio City Deco Expo.jpg (180318 bytes) Radio City_framedArt.jpg (59354 bytes)  

  Radio City 1974 Deco Expo,  original drawing, framed 26x22


Billie Holiday

 Billie_Prez_drawing.jpg (518152 bytes)  Billie framed.jpg (116140 bytes)

 Billie and Prez, original drawing, framed 24x21"


Casablanca Records

Casablanca_drawing.jpg (216046 bytes)   Cassablanca records framed.jpg (140615 bytes)

 SOLD Casablanca Records logo concept, original drawing, framed 21x21"



Jimi Hendrix color art on canvas 

Jimi Hendrix color on canvas Web.jpg (925203 bytes)    Jimi Hendrix color detail 1.jpg (881697 bytes)    Jimi Hendrix color detail 2.jpg (788080 bytes)

This exquisite work of art is based on David's original painting created in 2006, that was in turn based on his original 1968 concept sketch for Jimi's very first Fillmore East appearance.  It is printed on Canvas using Archival pigments that will last over 100 years.  It is published exclusively by our gallery and is only available through us.  Click on the detail images and you can see the remarkable quality and color of this wonderful signed image.  The image on canvas measures a large 32 x 21" and it comes with a 3" white canvas border on each side, making the total canvas size an impressive 38"x27".  Call or e-mail for prices and availability.


Jimi Hendrix first Fillmore East appearance

Hendrix two drawings limited edition.jpg (708376 bytes)

Signed and Numbered by artist David Byrd, this is a limited edition of only 200 printed with archival inks on watercolor paper.    Printed directly from David Byrd's two original drawings for Jimi's very first Fillmore East appearance.


Fillmore East Program Covers

Fillmore East programs limited edition.jpg (485430 bytes)

Signed and Numbered by artist David Byrd, this is a limited edition of only 200 printed with archival inks on watercolor paper.  All three years of the Fillmore East programs are together  in one work of art.  Printed directly from David Byrd's original drawings for the Fillmore East program covers.


Original Woodstock 1969 Art

Woodstock limited Edition.jpg (552938 bytes)

Signed and Numbered by artist David Byrd, this is a limited edition of only 200 printed with archival inks on watercolor paper.    Printed directly from David Byrd's original drawing for the first location of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.



Please call 631-726-2523 or e-mail   info@ARDTgallery.com  for prices and availability


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